LF (Fire) Kaos assault rifle, have plenty of things to trade

I’ve got a ton of legendaries, HMU if you have what I need and I can see if you want anything I have.

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Lol I’m pretty sure I just got one,non annointed

I think. From giga today,as I’m desperately

farming any source for the legendary deadeye

mod I want,I’ve got this pistol one,that wrecks

mayhem 3. But I want the shotgun version so I

can use my radiation butcher all the time. If

you have or can get. I’d be forever grateful.

I’m willing to trade 30 of my 50 legs just for

that mod.

It’s the only thing I’m after. Here’s my pistol

deadeye for reference.

Do u have this

@RICH_RULEZ I have a regular cryo lucien.

I have multiple looking for this specific anointment

I took a pic of your request in case I find it on a farm. If i do you’ll get it.

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I do have a deadeye class mod. I can take a look at the stats for it in a minute

Edit: mine doesn’t have the shotgun damage /:

@ifyoucanreadthis nice of you to check,mind telling me or pic the stat roll? All I’m interested in as my butcher brings me the most enjoyment shooting things rn. Thanks in advance for your time.

Thanks for posting the pic. Unfortunately

not ideal for what I’m trying to run. But thank


@ifyoucanreadthis you need fire kaos right?

I’ve saved this and I’ll check when I get home after work.

Yes sir. Looking for the Fire Kaos

@ifyoucanreadthis PSN APE-160 send fr I’ll mail it to you bud.

Sent. Thanks mate! I appreciate it! If you ever need anything or are looking for something specific, let me know and I’ll hook you up

Still looking for a legendary deadeye mod

  • shotgun damage
  • crit damage
    only two stats I want,must be deadeye for the initial damage buff from the mod itself. Thanks

Check your mailbox bud,if I come across an annointed while farming I’ll let you know. Somoist lf annointed fire kaos. Book markied to remind me what you’re looking for. Cheers.

If I find one you’ll be the very first person to get it

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Thanks!! I appreciate it a lot mate. Also looking for a Last Stand Otto Idol relic too. Literally willing to sel my kidneys for one. Would complete my undying Amara build.

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Lol I feel that 100% lol

Last stand otto. Somoist along with an annointed fire kaos,I’m guessing for Amara too? Fire ripper too.