LF Fire Linoge ASE 100% and a Nighthawkin ASE 100% and a Skeksil ASE 100%


Fire Linoge ASE 100% Fire or Cor or shock
Nighthawkin ASE 100%
Skeksil ASE 100% Fire or Corrosive

I got everything for Amara but got alot of neutral stuff and neutral annointments.
I have most of the classmods for other characters, most of the relics, shields etc… I hoard alot of stuff.

Just ask what you need.


Do you have a Shock Recurring/MIRV-Tacular Hex with 50% Fire ASE?

I have three kinds of grenades with the new annointments, which we all love. But none of them i a hex

I have the cutsman and Maggie 100% ase do you happen to have layudas or skiksils 100% ase or 250% cast shock skeksil or 100% or 250% pain is power?

yeah i have some very good lyudas with ase and a 250% cast skeksil aswell

Sweet what’s your psn ?


Friend request sent

i ll be online soon. Need to write this stuff down.

Got a Maggie with 250% on Phasegrasp if your interested.

Yup, i wants that :).

Thx mate, what can i help you with?

you have a q-system that has 300% weapon dmg on phaseslam? i have the skeksil

I have no idea what that weapon is.

Damn, its a purple atlas AR

I have a slam q system, it is NOT cost-effective.

dammit, lol I just can’t win

I get it… The Atlas legendary guns need a buff bad. The purple cost-effective q system does 4x what the Carrier or rebel yell do.

Exactly, Remeber the mashers on release were way better than the maggie

Yes, I do… And the butcher did double the damage it does now…

Let’s not forget the flakker