LF Fire Lucian’s Call, willing to trade

My psn is: KraKatoa4436

Feel free to message me any offers, I’m willing to trade multiple items for it. I don’t care if it’s anointed or not.

want: -Lucian’s Call (fire) - iron sights/low zoom sight (no scope)

Offering: -Thermobaric Gains Mind Sweeper (Moze cmod)
-Loaded Gatling gun (normal)
-Lucian’s call (corrosive)
-storming vicious Lyuda (shock)
-mirv and cloning Hex (both shock)
-Man-eater Bounty Hunter (Fl4k cmod)
-Blood Sucking blessed blast master (Moze cmod) x2
-Primordial Spectral Phasezerker (Amara cmod)
-Round up the tidal wave (normal)
-Flakker (Fire & normal)
-Lucian’s call (cryo)
-Ruby’s Wrath
-Raid Ward
-Lucky Unsporting Executor (leg Zane cmod)
-Loaded Dice
-Ruthless Lyuda (normal)
-Engulfing ferocious Ogre (normal), anointed (on action skill end fire rate and reload speed increase)
-Crossroad (shock)
-hostile Hyperfocus XZ41, anointed operative (wile sntnl is active, Fire rate and reload speed increased)
-disciplined ripper (normal)
-synergized bitch (normal) anointed operative (after swapping w/ clone weapon is reloaded)
-packin’ devastator (normal)
-engulfing resolute Ogre (normal)
-expert firestorm
-holistic the butcher (normal)
-ruthless infinity
-adapting sleeping giant (normal)
-disciplined warlord (normal)
-tamed star helix (normal)
-singularity firestorm
-resonant back ham
-dp boring gun
-moxxi’s bouncing pair (Fire)
-hunter seeker (rad)
-storm front
-rough rider

I have a low zoom Shredifier.

Does that rough rider have a speed stat?

I too have a low zoom Shredifier, I was just seeing if maybe there was another one out there with 6 barrels instead of the 3 that I’ve only seen them drop with…

And no mine is just a regular rough rider, 23% dmg res, 35% hp, and that’s it.

Hmm…I’ll check my other toons to see if there’s a 6 barrel monstrosity in there. Lol

Oh. I have one with iron sights, but it’s fire.

Does it have two 3 barrels or 1 six barrel?

It has 3.

yeah at this point im pretty convinced the single 6 barrel version of the shredifier doesn’t exist lol

I have exactly what you’re looking for but I’m looking for the Hellwalker Shotgun. Speedy reload version

You have a 6 barrel? What’s the prefix for it? I assume whatever the double projectile name is.

No the Lucians Call


darn i dont have a hellwalker PepeHands

anything else i can interest you in?

Sorry :confused:

Darn it :frowning:


Yo I have some stuff you might want add us BokosGaming