Lf fire lucians call, flakker, laser sploder

Uk player be on about 6PM GMT
Not on right now but off the top of my head to trade i have:
Cryo laser sploder
Rad laser sploder
Lyuda- few elements not sure which ones
And more…

I have a fire Lucian’s Call with a 596 item score. By any chance, do you have either a recurring hex or sticky quasar w/ homing?

Can you take a pic of the lucians call

Check your messages, I sent you a pic of my Lucian’s Call


Hey! I have an Anointed Cryo Recurring Hex, Anointed Shock Recurring Hex, and Radi Recurring Hex. I really wish to get Cryo Lucian’s Call! My GT: Evakke

Still looking for cryo Lucians?