LF Fire Lyuda decent mag size

Name your price! Hopefully I can accommodate!

I have a couple of different ones might have the one you’re looking for my PSN is goku_halo1979200

I have an Annexed fire Lyuda with I think 24 rounds. I want a fire King/Queen’s Call or Facepuncher with 300 weapon damage after Phaseslam. PSN is ImitationsOfLife.

bestest you be looking at will be annexed one with 20/22 magazine as mine is annexed one with 22 mag size.

Awesome I added you just let me know what you would like

Sorry i dont have those annoints on those guns

what would you like to trade for it @mikec459

only on the look out for icebreaker victory rush with either cooldown or ammo perk, then all around gun damage perk and 3rd perk not as fuzzed on! though seems to be rarer then elemental projector static charge to find now which took me while to find!

I’m looking for adorned infinity pistol and class mods that have weapon damage and pistol damage on them for all characters if you do not have don’t worry I’m sure we’ll come up with a trade

Unfortunately I dont. Anything else you might be interested in?

I any element weapon you have to spare.

I got annexed one with 20 or 22 mag size , though main want is icebreaker victory rush with magazine perk on it atleast.

The best I can offer is a blue ice breaker with mag size and assualt rifle damage. I have the legendary you want but not with the passive you are looking for

whats the perks on it ? curious any all around gun damage perks or cooldown etc ?

shock damage and two elemental resistances