LF Fire Redistributor with Stnl Cryo anointment

If anyone can hook me up with one that would be Great!! Also looking for a Maggie with the same anointment. Can trade if that’s easier. Also add me on Xbox ibSKINNY4 I will send ppl all the things I farm that I do not need or can not use on my Zane.

What’s your GT…and sorry my mic isn’t on my kids are being savages in my roo.

I just sent you a message

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Sure, if you are online tonight and can host I will dup it for you. What is your gt?

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EachHydra478876, I’m online rn if you want me to join?

I’m at work so I’ll hit you up when i get home

I just messaged you on xbox

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What is your gt?


I just sent you a message

I feel bad for asking, but I’d love one too and can be on right now GT: BrownleeFamily

thanks for that

Lol, I just sent you a message