LF: Fire Rowan's Call level 50 H: Cryo Lucian's Call level 50

PC - Epic ID: xXFusaXx
Discord: Ahirio#3489

do you have any zane class mods with +4/5 in synchronicity or playing dirty?

Nah mate sadely I don’t

okay any annoyinted zane weapons for bonus elemental dmg on SNTNL duration or 75% dmg per swappping with clone?i do alraedy have lucians call and i don need it sadly.

Tbh my RNG for Zane stuff is pretty bad, barely getting anything for him…
But if you still need other stuff let me know and I’ll check

Annointed rerouter with sub 3 sec recharge?

I have a Fire Rowans call that ill happily trade for that