Lf Fire/shock OP8 norfleets

Can trade for corrosive and slag.

PSN is davthom

Also a 94% sham on OP8 if anyone has one?

I can help you out with these items but I already got Corrosive and Slag Norfleets. Do you have any Op8 Purple Trickster CM or Blue Trickster with +6 Kinetic Reflection & +5 Chain Reaction?

I can set you both up if you want.


Thanks you a lot again @jgcobb79, it is so nice of you! My friend @Sun_Tsunami gave me his spare Trickster Mods. Can you help me out with some elemental Op8 Slow Hand shotguns? Thanks you in advance!

Sure…The Slow Hand is one of my favorites. It’s great for Gunzerking

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Thanks you in advance! Hope you can help me out with the “PRACTICABLE” prefix.