LF Fire Shredifier w/bipod, Super Shredifier w/ 2mag anointment. Trades within

Sorry I dont have a lot, looking to finish my build, I’m currently farming more items for trades, just have no luck with a shredifier. Heres the list of what I have:

-Night Hawkin [gunner] after iron bear: 2mag incendiary

-Brainstormer shock [A] terrified bonus Cryo

-Brainstormer shock [A] ASE weapon damage 100%

-Recursion cryo/corrosive [A] phaseslam melee 200%

-Stalker [A] ASE apply terror to self

-Star Helix [A] terror crit damage

-Butcher Cryo [A] ASE melee damage

-DP Laser-sploder fire

-Cutsman fire

-Lucian Call fire [A] terrified crit damage

-Crossroad shock [A] 125% to bosses

-Blast Master 2 vamp/1 redistribution/2 holy pin with 25% weapon damage and 30% grenade damage

-Storm Front impact [A] heal 25% hp ASE

-Recurring Hex rad

-Rain Firestorm longbow

-icebreaker Victory Rush

-Snowdrift Deathless w/40% mag size

Sorry I dont have much

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