LF fire stone planetoid commander

LF fire stone planetoid commander ( +magazine perk if you have it)

Ask what you are looking for: annointed or not annointed.

Thank you

Not precisely what you are looking for but I’ll toss in it here in case you are interested

Rear Ender Commander Planetoid

Deal 69% bonus elemental damage when you melee an enemy. Type changes every 5.0 seconds

40% mag size
29% shock resist
33% AOE dmg

I just realized the Planetoid part is probably the rotating melee bonus damage on top of the Fire Stone’s 80% lol.

Yeah it s a very good melee relic, i have one with corrosive but i am looking for a fire 80% melee damage, the 69% procent is the extra and that changes every 5 sec.

Thx for your reply, do you need anything, good sir?

I am, yeah! Fl4k’s 3/2 Bounty Hunter Mod (no blue skill) or an Anointed Rowan’s w/ the universal Action Skill End “next two mags/50% elem”, damage, or 75% weap/status chance. I’ll keep an eye out for your relic!

I have one that I can trade right now.

Do you have an elemental projector with weapon damage and movement speed?

I got a very good elemental projector that i use with amara, but i will look for the perks you seek.

Ok let me know if you find one

Sure thing sir