LF firefly w damage/urad anoints

If you have these lemme know specifically what you need in return.

Thanks for reedinz!

currently looking for a urad one myself. i do have some with:
annexed ASA bonus damage to badass, named and bosses
annexed phaseslam 30 damage
annexed fade away 100 damage
sentinel 100 cryo
ASE shock
phasecast 250 damage
ASE bonus effect damage and chance
if you are interested in any of these do have you have urad:
hotfoot teddy
fire boogeyman
fire protuberance?
or a red fang with points in ferocity and AS cooldown or splash/AoE bonuses?

Lol you n protuberance

I don’t need those anoints but thanks for helping out. I can probably help you w those you need a lil later on.

All I had was the boogeyman. So I sent.

Urad firefly just dropped for me btw so don’t need that one.