LF firestorm (rain, large, or other)

Anyone have any? Looking at other options

I have a rain firestorm; have any moze mods or anointed gear; elemental projector deathless?

I’ll check what I got when I get home.

I have atom balm deathless, hot drop deathless, fortified tenacious bloodletter mod. I need that rain firestorm. Psn(blunt4CEtrauma-)

Have large one

What is the difference between the regular and large firestorm?

In the video he uses rain, I want to know what the difference been rain and large is.

I think a 20% larger radius.

20% larger radius as well as the spawns 3 grenades?

What do u want to trade 4 it?

Yeah have the same. Not bad grenade

I have the spark plug deathless, Corrostive stone deathless, I have an anointed speedloadn heallwalker for moze, what else might you be interested in

My large does not spawn extra nades. It dropped from traunt.

Anybody got a spare one? PSN xenoyte can trade whatever have almost everything.

Large has a bigger explosion radius, rain is the one that spawns extra nades

Diluvian combines both so is better than rain or large

Does anyone have the diluvian?

LF: Rain Firestorm & The flood (Lvl50) have almost anything you could want.

Hi everyone I need a rain firestorm grenade who want to trade?