LF Fish Slap any anointment

Looking for a fish slap. I used to have a whole bunch but lost all my original saves a while back had to restart and we’ll don’t have a fish slap anymore. Let me know what you need

I was about to ask if every fishslap came with that 150% grenade damage anoint and then I saw the others. Useless anoint.

What do you want for that shock ASE Radiation one?

What are you looking for anyone of the grenade damage 150%?

I don’t have a ton of lvl 65 gear so anything cool really. Any takedown gear with SNTNL Cryo or 50/150 would be cool, any monarchs, reflux, plaguebearers, flippers or light shows with those annoints. I’m looking for an Ogre with 50/150 annoint, It’s Piss with OGT, Any Rogues that aren’t shock.

You don’t have to trade anything though. I’m gonna send the grenade mods anyway.

PSN: IVIassiveDynamic

Ok I’ll look out for that stuff for you! My psn:R4y2a1n

Take a gander.

I definitely have Monarchs for you then.

I’ll send those over to you when I get a chance to get on.

Fish Slaps have been mailed. Enjoy.

Thank you so much!