LF Fish Slap grenade for Zane

Hey guys !

I just started to play BL3 again and didnt had time to farm the cartel.
I don’t have lvl 60 gears yet to trade for it sorry :frowning:

Anyone could help me get the fish slap grenade for my main character Zane.

Thanks alot


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I could also take a Cutpurse launchpad.

Thanks guys

Anyone guys?

Thanks !!

still looking for it! Anyone can help?

Thanks guys

Does the anointment matter? I seemed to be unlucky af during the event and only ever got the ASA grenade damage on my fish slaps. I have some spare ones but yeah all of them have that anoint, if you don’t mind it, I could send one over

Yes it would be awesome or if you have the cutpurse rocket relic too I could use that. I need some ammo regen on my Zane :slight_smile:

No cutpurse unfortunately, as a matter of fact I’m still searching for one myself lol. Not sure if I’ll be able to go on tonight but go ahead and add me on PSN if you want, ID is the same as my display name

OK I will add you this afternoon . Thanks mate

added you !

Cool! I’ll try to log on tonight, sorry for the wait!

If you have anything good for Zane clone build to start farming let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks bud!