LF fish slap grenade with OGT annointment

Need a fish slap grenade with the OGT 25 weapon, grenade damage.

Have lots of stuff, just ask

Any good ?

Wonderful, are you looking for anything in particular for a trade?

My psn is ‘Richos72’

Kaoson with while SNTNL active gain cryo damage. Preferably full auto. Any element.

Dont worry if you dont have I’ll still send the grenade.

Send a friend request and I’ll pop it in the mail.

PSN is KnownMac

I don’t have one, but I know someone who might, will send if I can get hold of one. Any preference on element?

I’m after all elements except cryo if poss so anyone of those would be good but dont worry :+1:t2:

All sent :+1:t2:

i have Kaosan x2 auto sntnl in rad,corrosive,cryo, kinetic
x1 in fire.
If you still need it I would like to trade with your grenade mod

my psn : gbuny911

Ok can do. I’ll send you it over. I have a fire one now so I dont need that one thanks but i need the corrosive and rad

I ll send a rad and corrosive over

Could u also send me your Fire Kaosan x2 sntnl.Mine has x1 , need x2