LF Fish Slap lv 57

Looking for Fish Slap grenade mod. Missed out on the cartel :frowning:

Have mostly lv 65 M10 stuff for trade.

I have one I can spare. No trade needed.

Im Mourning6lory on Epic. I’ll be on today around 6 pm EST.

Thanks! Just added you.

If you need anything, let me know.


If you missed out on the cartel event, I can also throw you an OPQ, No PewPew and a Yellowcake launcher if you want.

Which VH do you play?

If you have a Smog smg to spare, that would be cool.

Currently playing a melee Amara.

I don’t really need any of those items, but if you need to get rid of them I can take them.

Thanks again.

I dont have any requests. Couldn’t add you. My username is Mourning6lory (with a six)

Hmm. Added you earlier and your name doesn’t show when searching now.

Try adding me - toast_psb

I tried adding you on Epic and iui t says the account was not found.

Which platform are you on?

I found you in Shift. Sent a request. I think Im Tuck7216 on Shift.