LF FL4K and Echo Cosmetics

I have been farming the CashTrap machine and getting lots of extra head cosmetics but no skin drops…

Looking for:
Atlas Classic
Candy Raver
Creature of the Night
Crimson Raiment
Guilded Rage
Like. Follow. Obey.
Maliwan Mood
Signature Style
Tropic Blunder

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I know that NOG Mask comes from a mission but it didn’t show up when I completed the mission and don’t know if it drops.

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I have Yokai, will definitely trade.

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Also Desperado comes from a mission… NOG doesn’t. If it’s the video I think you’re talking about , it’s not accurate.

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hey i’d like to yokai head but i have nothing to trade for it. how did you get it? thanks


Duping is against the rules, best not to talk about it here.

I have two more but as it’s a sought after head I don’t think I will just give it away. Sorry. If you get any heads you want to trade please let me know

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all good, thank you for the fast reply

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Do we know when the borderlands wiki will update with skins and heads with drop locations and such? I can barely find any information on these collectables. It has only been a few days but there are people who have already beat the game.

or an active forum of found heads and skins?

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I found it just now… HOORAY

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I found mine in a chest on the way to the vault on Prometheus.
Opened a chest and there it was.

opened a chest after fighting a boss in eden-6, and there it was… a dream succeeded

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I found another Dre4dful Visage.

so heads and skins can drop anywhere and at anytime?

It is starting to look that way.
I like the idea that anything can drop anytime anywhere.

I do like that but part of me is wondering if we are looking for a certain skin/head that we can only hope it drops somewhere instead of farming a particular enemy.

Maybe it pushes us to make more friends to trade and such?

Yeah, it is possible there are some places/bosses who may be more prone to a certain drop. As time goes on and the community has gathered more data we may find this.

I’m looking for the NOG mask and I’m willing to trade an extra anim4tronic for it. PSN Darth_Abysmal

I’ve been hunting for a Dre4dful Visage for WEEKS. Willing to trade for both a Yok4i and a Anim4tronic. Hell, I’ll throw in a 4ction Figure.

I’ll trade for the 4ction figure head

Deal! AtlasNeverFell is my ign

thanks a lot man, now if only the internet knew how to get the NOG Mask