LF Fl4k and Moze legendary class mods. Have Amara mods to trade

Lf Legendary bounty hunter for Fl4k as well as bloodletter and blast master for Moze.

Can trade a few Amara legendary cons

  • Flurrying Solitary Breaker
  • Rope a dope breaker
  • rope a dope solitary breaker
  • fragmented vestigial dragon ×2
  • primordial spectral phasezerker

Also if theres anything specific you want that I may have or if you want to offer something else for one of the above just say.

PSN is dave_jitsu


You got an improved rerouter?

Have a Moze Blast Master and a Bounty Hunter. What are the stats on the breakers?

1 has +2 personal space, +1 find your centre, +2 Jab cross with +15% dahl and vladof fr and +36% shield recharge

The other has +4 jab cross, +1 find your centre with +25% weapon damage +25%hyperion reload and +50% dahl accuracy

The other is on a mule character I cant remember what skills it buffs but its spread across 3

No, unfortunately not

Would love the one with the +4 Jab…

I have two Blast Masters. Will post screen shots.

Ooh tough choice lol. I’ll swap it for the charitable one if that’s alright?

Absolutely. Add me psn rei2k I can just mail it and then mail me the other one back once you get it, if that’s okay?

Yeah no problem. I’ll add when I’m home

Sent you a FL4K Bounty Hunter as well!