LF Fl4K and Zane mods

I have been playing since launch and all I get are Amara mods. I am at the point where I am running Amara in hopes someone elses mods like FL4KS or Zanes drop for her when I get to 50. If you could please send some FL4K or Zane mods I can send 4 Amara mods. Whatever best benefits FL4Ks Green-orange tree and Zanes blue-orange tree. Thankyou!

The Amara mods I have are
Reactive raining nimbus +1 Violent Tapestry
+2 tempest +2 conflux

Rope a dope breaker +1 personal space +4 jab cross

Threaded carpet bombing elementalist
+1 infusion +2wildfire. +2 violent tapestry

Tortuous vestigial dragon
+1 remnant +1 restless+3 do harm

My psn REdrUm0351

What are the additional stats on the Breaker?

%20 shock resistance
%10COV weapon damage
%50 maliwan accuracy

I don’t need it… But will send you a couple of mods for FL4K anyway. Psn?

Psn REdrUm0351

What stats are you looking for if they drop I could send it.

Just +melee, +torgue dmg… No big deal. Have quite a few mods. Will send in about 30.

Thanks! I will keep a look out.

Do you need a unleash the dragon artifact?

I have ton of flak mods and some extra Zane mods I can send. My PSN will be SithLordWooky

i have some for Fl4k but i am on xbox sadly and cross platform play does not exist yet otherwise i would send it to you

I got bounty hunter mod for fl4k which 2 nice perks kind but got any nice elemental projector relics which arnt slam or melee based ?

Thanks anyway! Lol sad clown.

I will look!

basicly any elemental projector in static charge, otto idol I think (heals you), victory rush which pop to mind also rocket boots one.

I sent a friend request if you would rather a message let me know then you can remove me. Lol I have never done this and as my son says Im too old to be doing this.

26 unlikely as anti-social and game illiterate is you man so no worries! I’m finishing a trade atm I’ll send you an inv asap :slight_smile:

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I have one! It is a elemental projector otto idol. Once the game loads I will tell you the specifics.

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Im 34 and I have a 16 yr old. I grew up right as the internet was getting big and was too poor to have a computer. He will ask…what was your fav youtube channel as a kid? As I reply there wasn’t youtube… lol

Is there anything you are looking for?

Send me an Inv whenever you’re ready man. No charge. I grew up on old game systems I didnt even see a computer till 8th grade so I dont know how it all feels like I know a bit! I was raised off all the oldie good stuffs

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