LF FL4k anoint Bekah and Maggies

Need elemental dmg on action skill end or bonus damage rakk anointed maggies and bekahs
have a bunch of stuff, lemme know if interested

Have that bekah and maggie, I need a corrosive cutsman with gamma burst or 100 ase and a bekah with gamma burst or a red fang with jakobs crit weapon damage and assault or pistol damage

I’ve got:
A corrosive rack attack 100% dmg cutsman
Rad gamma burst x3 night Hawkin
Rad gamma burst explosive sickle
ASE 100% Weapon Dmg brainstormer
ASE 100% Weapon Dmg rad/corrode recursion
ASE 100% Weapon Dmg Star Helix
ASE shock dmg transformer
Ase rad dmg stop gap
And more
Lemme know if anything looks good maybe we can work out a trade

That brainstormer redundant or no? x14 pellet count

Will you take this brainstormer for the Maggie & Bekah?
I can give you something else too it’s just this brainstormer is one of my best guns
My epic ID is krooked728
I’ll be on tmrw

Nah i’ll trade for that. Gave my brainstormer away ages ago thinking i’ll get another from graveward but hes a stingy big ass groot

sounds good
add me when you get back on