LF FL4K Anoint Gear for Cryo RakkPak Build [Trading Many Items]

LF: FL4K Gear, So anointment can be either Rakks 100% or Weapon 100% ASE

  • Cryo Kybs Worth x3 w/100% ASE

  • Cryo Redistributor w/100% ASE

  • Cryo Recursion w/100% ASE

  • Cryo Ion Laser w/100% ASE

  • Cryo Good Juju w/100% ASE

  • Night Hawkin w/100% ASE

  • Stop Gap w/50% Element ASE

  • Ward w/ ASE 20% Action Skill Cooldown or with Health Regen on ASE

LMK what you’re looking for in exchange. I have:

Icebreaker Otto Idols
IB Victory Rushes
Last Stand Otto Idols
Anoint Transformers of various Elements
Hex with 50% Rad ASE

Many Many guns - I keep whatever I find that is legendary + anointed.

PSN: Sarkastik_Thony

do you have ion cannon(Corro)x2:30% damage when flying

I have corro ion cannon but unfortunately not with that annointment :frowning: sorry.

I have a couple of things you’re after, I’m looking for a rowans call corrosive, garcia, tsunami, lyuda x2 fire, dictators x6 shock,corr, fire.

@Sarkastik_Thony : Do any of your Last Stand Otto Idols have pistol dmg + mag size?

@Ice-T : Rowans call only comes as fire/shock/radiation. Lucians call comes corrosive though.

Thanks for the info

@Ice-T I have Rowan’s but yeah they don’t come corrosive - need any other element?


Last Stand idol has:
17% shotgun
40% mag size
16% Rad dmg

Are your rowans character anointed or ase 100%?