LF Fl4k anointed gear, specifically Rakk Attack

I’ve got lots of legendaries to trade, let me know what you’re looking for. My gamertag is Hunter0471.

What platform are you on? What are you looking for?

Xbox One. I’m trying to build a Fl4k that ISN’T centered around Fade Away.

I might have a thing or two in my inventory. I’ll check when I get home tonight. If I would have known you were looking for that, I had a few things pop up for me yesterday but left them because they were guns I didn’t need and I’m not building fl4k. Only if they would give us more space to store these 2 billion guns they have for this game.

I have a lot of rakk attack items, I’ll know more in roughly 5 hours when I’m home

Yeah, I know. They need a bigger bank size for sure.

I have a number of Rakk items, some that are listed in my thread below and some I haven’t listed yet.

Let me know if you have anything in my LF list to trade for.

I have a searing nemesis that grants and extra rakk attack if you are interested. If so do you have any anointed stuff for amara?

Have several. Do you happen to have Anointed Lucians call with 2 clip after Action Skill boost?