LF Fl4k De4deye mod with +3 Two-Fang or more

LF De4deye mod with at least +3 to Two-Fang, would prefer +4 or 5
Vladof bonuses even better

Let me know what you want for one

I got a +2 if no one else offers a better one

Ok. I’m gonna hold out a little bit but I’ll keep yours in mind. Thanks.

I dont think you can go higher than +3 either way

You can. Just watched a YT vid with a +4, pretty sure it will go to 5. Here’s a screen. 4mod

what boss drops it/any class mod the most?

This week, Katagowa Jr and ‘Pain & Terror’ have "increased chances"because of the event, but generally they’re just world drops. I farmed the heck out of Jr for a few days and got several mods but not a ton, and not many I want or need.

I have one with +3, Im looking for an anointed lucians call

yeah, I’ve been mindlessly farming gravewarden and got a bunch of Leg’s, even some class mods but P&T and KTGW Jr both seem lackluster. “increased” indeed

I don’t have an anointed Lucians but let me see if I can acquire one. What class are you playing, or is there a specific anointment you’re looking for? (I’m looking for one too. I need Cryo, hoping for life steal after action skill, or crit after fade away, something like that.)

yeah the increase didn’t bring it to a real high chance for sure.

Yea one of those would work

I got one with +5 Two F4ng, 45% Jacobs critical dmg, 20% Rad Resist, 50% Maliwan Accuracy.