LF Fl4K Friend-Bot & Red Fang class mods

Hi! I’m looking for these class mods for Fl4K.
Preferably with the skill Ferocity if possible and Action skill cooldown bonus.
I got some pretty decent stuff for trade!

I sorta have these, but they’re not level 50s. They will give you the full 5 skill bonuses, and the special effect, (2nd wind for the pet, or the pet taunts during gamma) its just the extra bonuses that aren’t max. I got them from 1st NM playthrough at lower levels. I’m not using them, if you want them you can just have them. If you don’t thats fine too, you’ll still want to get better ones either way. Feel free to add me on Epic though, if you do. Epic: Sir_Cusfreak

Ahh these are not bad but they don’t have action skill CD reduction…

I sent you a friend request through epic – I have a +1 rakk charge for flak and a melee kill one for Amara if you wanted to trade – I’d love either of the hunter ones – Thanks!