LF Fl4k gear (rowans, OPC, unforgiven and much more)

What I’m looking for (Fl4k/Beastmaster main):

Rowans call (anointed, over 1,3kdmg)

Lyuda (anointed, over 2k dmg or 1,5k dmg and 20+ mag)

Crossroad (anointed, over 1200dmg, pref cryo)

Devastator (anointed, over 1400dmg, crit)

Unforgiven (anointed, above 420 crit)

Linoge (anointed, above 50 mag and 1200dmg)

One pump chump (anointed, high crit)

Infinity gun (anointed, over 500 dmg, some crit)

Deadeye or bounty hunter (crit, dmg, nade capacity or dmg)

What I have to Offer:


Maggie (anointed terror, 3,2k dmg, 21% crit, 1.9secs reload)

The flood (anointed siren, after phaseslam, melee dmg is increased 200%)


It’s piss (2,5k dmg, 20% dmg increased on enemies, removes status effect from friends)

Cloning hunter seeker (anointed after melee 25% chance to apply terror, splits into 2 granades)

Firestorm (anointed gunner, after iron bear taking dmg has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade)

Tina’s hippity hopper (anointed, while terrified regen healh, 5k dmg)

Quasar (homes)

Mirv hex (spawns 3 mirvs, cryo)

Cloning hex (toxic, splits into 2 grenades)

Generator trans fusion (cryo, 120% dmg heal, heals shields for 30%)


Lucians call (Cryo, 372 dmg, 10.6 fire rate, 60 mag)

Ferocious ogre (900dmg, 150 splash dmg, anointed on skill end next 2 mags deal fire dmg)

Disciplined star helix (anointed, after digi clone wep dmg is increased 75%, 1,4k dmg)


Auditing Conference Call (Anointed terror, 1,2k dmg, 21% crit, CRYO)

Conference call (anointed auto bear deals 20% fire dmg, 1,6kdmg, 21% crit)

Essential conference call (anointed terror, 1,6k dmg, 21% crit)

Speedloading Hellwalker (anointed after action skill end wep effect are increased 75%, 5,3k dmg, fire, 10% crit)

Speedloading Hellwalker (anointed terror, the more you have the more health regen)

Casual Flakker (anointed siren, after phasegasping fires terror skulls that deal 3,7kdmg)


Defrauding crossroad (anointed siren phasecast 250% increase dmg, 1,4kdmg, toxic)

Binary compressing cutsman (anointed beastmaster, consume all terror and pet deals 50% dmg, 1,3k dmg, 28% charge speed, fire)

Sniper rifles:

Molten lyuda (anointed beastmaster after AC 30% lifesteal, 1,2k dmg, 11 mag, 40% crit)

Krovvy lyuda (1,5kdmg, 10 mag, 40% crit)


Berzerker Deathless (17% pistol dmg, 26% wep acc)

Loaded dice (30% nade dmg, -75%hp, 16% rad dmg, luck)

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