LF: FL4K Giant Slayer Bounty Hunter

The COM with +2 (or more) in Most Dangerous Game.

I’m willing to make a trade.

GT: YoungOne6

You got any good red fang or cosmic stalkers? I might have what you want

Sorry for the delayed response (was out of town)

Someone mailed me what I was looking for. I do have a Cosmic Stalker COM but not one with +Action Skill tho

Can you show me a pic of it ? Or name the bonus stats . And oké is there anything else you are looking for ?

The bonuses are pretty lackluster. I’m going for the FL4K radiation Build. I’m also looking for a Radiation Westergun.

Yeah got a radiation westergun with gamma burst , About the class mod just founds very good cosmic stalker today so I’m good . Got any 100 or125 laser sploders ?

I don’t have any Lasersploders but I do have King’s/Queens Fall

Would you happen to have a +20% ASC Rough Rider?

Sorry my bad for the late response this forum is a bit weird on how to see a response properly . But yeah got a rough rider with cooldown

I’d be willing to trade for the RR with cooldown…interested in the +125 Queens call?

Does that queens call come with corrosive or shock ? And does it have no negative stats ?

Actually yeah it has -25 damage :pensive: