Lf Fl4k redistrubitor

I’m looking for a redistburtor for Fl4k, either gamma burst annoit or a r4kk one.

I have a few redistbutors that have on ase next 2 magazines have some kind of damage.

Gamer tag is jasondragonfire.

Hey bud I can send you a fire version with gamma. I may also have a rakk 100 version as well, I will check once I get a chance

Thanks that would be great.

I’ve got the gamma ready to send but was having problems with my box shutting down. I will hopefully send it out in the morning and will let you know if I have the rakk version as well

Ok thanks and no problem I’m not in a huge hurry

Hey bud, I haven’t gotten a chance to get that redistributer to you yet but I also have a corrosive with rakk attack that I will hopefully be able to send tonight.

Great thanks