Lf flak cosmic stalker class mod

looking For a good one ,

Got tons of anointed gear to trade Like:
Red suit anointed
Brawler Ward anointed 300 and 100
Pestilence single shot anointed gamma burst
God rolls artifacts and class mods and many more .
Post pics below and tell me what you are looking for :slight_smile:
add me on Xbox gamertag : mrbs87

I have these two if you are interested. Probably not the greatest but I donโ€™t know since I havenโ€™t looked into fl4k builds.

Thanks for posting pics , Iโ€™m more looking like one with action skill cooldown , weapon damage and something else , thnx anyway :slight_smile:

Any specific prefix in mind? I should have a few venator ones, will let u know when I get on