LF : Flak Gamma burst stuff

LF :
devils foursum radiation with gamma burst anointment.

Dictator radiation with gamma burst

Laser sploder (single shot) gamma burst or 100/125 ase

Pestilence (single shot )with gamma burst

Crossroad radiation with gamma burst

Purple grenade : lingering mass recoil contact grenade radiation ( prefer anointed but not a must)

Class mod flak : red fang / cosmic stalker

If you got any of above let me know and tell me what you need/want ? I have 6 characters fulls of anointed stuff / class mods etc


I have a fire Binary Mocking Cutsman with Gamma burst. If your interested let me know.

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I got one already But what stats does yours have ? It might be better.

Do you still have? I could really use it!

Also have you got any of your listed stuff? I’ve been trying to do this build! Just can’t get ahold of the gamma burst!

Yeah found some

I’m sure I’d have a red fang somewhere, I got heaps of Flak mods. Any chance you got any of the Halloween legendaries that make the challenge pop for trade? I need my gun skin lol.

I have a fearmonger and the clone ghost call but that’s pretty much it , looking 4 anything else ?

I just got ghost call as a drop so I’m good for the challenge now. I’ll send you a red fang anyway, I just hopped off for the night so will prob be in like 20 hours till I’m on but I’ll send it then. What’s your GT?

Appreciate it :slight_smile: my gamertag : mrbs87

Sent :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

got a fire crossroad with gamma burst if your interested…i know i have some other gamma burst but ill have to look tonight

Anyone ?

I’ve got a Cosmic Stalker if you’re still looking for one of those.

Any chance you have a fire Fastball? Hopefully one with a good anointment for Moze?

Yeah I think I have a fast Ball somewhere , what bonus stats does your cosmic stalker have ?

Have two. One has 20% rad resist, 15% Vladof FR, and 31% shotgun Dmg. Other has 50% Maliwan Acc, 31% AR Dmg, 30% Geenade Dmg.

That second one seems decent :slight_smile: tomorrow first thing (European time ) is have a look at my grenades mods see if I can find the fastball