LF Flakker Anointed For Moze - HAVE tons of stuff to trade!

Class mods, relics, weapons to trade!

I have a burning flakker with 100% weapon damage on ASE if you’re interested

What do you need?

Any anointed Lyuda that isn’t fire, shock anointed butcher, rad recurring hexes are the ones I’m most interested in. But really, any top roll item and I’m interested

I don’t have the Lyuda or hex but I’ll check for a shock anointed butcher.

Awesome, hit me up on xbox. GT is RuneSlayer4421

No, I have 2 types of shock Butcher but none are anointed.

Anything with the 100% or 125% anointment?

I added you my GT is DLKnives55 and I will look.

Not in shotguns.

Found my Flakker, TY!

Anybody need an anointed cryo butcher?