LF flakker, Lucians call, dictator, fire lyuda and infinity

Anyone or everyone please help I need these and I’m sure I can get on mayhem 3 farming but I work alot and dont have alot of time to play as much as I’d like to. I have some kick ass gear to trade as I’m level 50 zane. Xbox live gamer tag: metalmessiah007

Sent you a message on Xbox.

I have 2 flakkers and a Lucians Call incendiary.

Awesome I could use the flakker, i did get a lucians call while loot farming but idnyours has a higher dps than my current I’ll take it. I’m going to hop on tonight if you dont mind sending them and i have alot of items. Im willing to trade. I’m also looking for an elemental lyuda preferably fire thanks again xbox live: metalmessiah007