LF flakker with 160 splash dmg

All elements and normal please

I have one radiation, what other 160 splash weapons do you have?

Assuming you already have a hellshock?

Yeah those drop way to often

I don’t know if cutsman works well with annointment but I have a fire cut with 160 splash

I take it you don’t have a lot of splash damage gear. Mind if I ask what kind of gear you have a bit of?

got Just alot of weps in game just depends on annointment Thsts the issue. Got more 100 ase anoints and sntl stuff for Zane really just depends. Outside of splash gear is their any other stuff you seek?

I do have redistributes but it’s 100 ase

I think I need one of those, give me min to check

Ya I’ve got cryo,Fire, a sntl Fire,

I’ll take the ase 100 fire one

Wait Fck nvm I sold the ase Fire one yesterday O_O fck me just checked. Ahh Fck it I’ll be alright

Well give me a short list on what you do have 100?

Cutsman Fire(rakk)
Lucien call corrosive
Rakk attack fire lob
Wedding invitation

I’ll be back online in hour or so, will take the ogre

Bet sounds good