LF flash melter deathless and corrosive redistributer

Just like the title says I need those 2 items i have alot to trade for them like a great roll on fl4ks new come jakobs crit and wpn dmg on it. Got solid rolls for green mobster moze com assault rifle dmg and dahl/torgue/vladof on multiple. 100%ase beckah and rakks attack dmg Maggie ect. Please I really need these 2 items. The redistributer has to be annointed preferably with consecutive annointment but any solid base annointment besides 125%on badasses is good

I have two Flesh Melter Deathless

1 Magazine Size, AOE Damage, and Incindiary Damage

2 Magazine Size, Shock Damage, and Incindiary Damage

I’d trade for a 100% ASE Bekah and a 526 Damage Maggie 100% ASE. I have the 501 Damage Maggie 100% ASE, so I’m looking for an upgrade.

I might have corrosive redistributer , though mostly looking for nukem from new dlc

I have the nukem

I’ll trade the beckah for the one with aoe mag and incin. My psn is deluxemenu

My psn is deluxemenu

yeah just send me request , mine is silentrabbit003 though did get nukem I admit but send the gun your way for free when im free :slight_smile: as pretty much sorted for new guns for now , only thing im missing is decent new fl4k, zane or moze mod just for collection if anything but that’s low want.

Ok I’ll send a nukem I guess lol