Lf Flesh Melter artifact

Anyone have a decent Flesh Melter artifact?
With action skill cooldown preferably

I’ll have a look, I probably do in my relic mule, though may not have cooldown. What’s your GT if I do? And do you have any preferred prefixes in case I have multiple?

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I have a flesh melter Otto idol +16 radiation damage, +16 corrosive damage +21 action skill cooldown rate.

What do you want for it?

If you have a lucky 7 with ammo refill while swapping with Digi clone, or a cryo redistributor with SNTNL active 50% cryo damage.

That’s a negative

No worries, what’s your gamer tag? I’ll send anyways.

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Hey man. My gt. is RavenMock3r if you have a spare one, I’d appreciate it. I don’t really need a specific suffix on it. Thanks

Oh wow, really? That’s cool of you dude. My gt. Is RavenMock3r

Nevermind buddy. Vomitus124 is hooking me up. Thanks for the consideration though.

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Thanks again bro. That’s pretty cool of you. Need more people like you on the forums.

No worries at all! glad someone can put it to use.

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