LF Flipper & one pump chump

How do,

I am having problems getting a flipper with the 50% health 150% rad dmg anoint if anyone has one give me a yell might have something ya want for it. Oh also a One pump chump with same anoint. PSN: Coyote33W

I have the Flipper but haven’t been so lucky with the rng on the One Pump Chump with the U rad anoint,adding you and i’ll send you the Flipper

nice ya wanting anything in exchange?

same situation here. got plenty flippers. what’s your choice of anoint?
im LF one pump
monarchs w 15% leech
damage anoint lobs
boom sickles
redistributor… ugh just really updating my entire arsenal really… do you have any guardian takedown stuff?

do you have any fire/corrosive flippers with rad 50/150 anoint? if you dont have the fire/corrosive combo than at lest fire with the anoint works.
i have lvl 60 m10:
one pump chump ASE 2 mags corrosive
redistributor shock consecutive hits
redistributor cryo with 50/150 rad
lob cryo 50/150 rad
interested in any of these?
also if anyone by chance has a fire boom sickle with 50/150 rad or a contained blast X2 fire/kinetic with 50/150 rad ill trade for those.

OK I managed to get fire/shock flipper w/50-150 anoint and farm up the 50-150 chump (not as good as the dakota to be honest so thats a bust) may have other things people may want farming the Miscreant atm.