LF: Flood with sntl cryo or barrier snnoint

i have some good zane stuff just ask.

I think i have those Floods, both of them, the SNTL for sure

Cool, are you looking for anything in particular?

SNTL 100% Cryo Weapons, Scolville, Lyudas, Infinitys, Redistributors with 49 mags, Any really

I have a star helix with 100 sntl cryo.

I am sending you those floods, anything else you need?

sent you the flood and extras

I have a 53 flood with 100% cryo sntl

Perfect, what are you looking for?

Maybe a deadeye with 5 in two fang, annoited proturbance, the its piss grenade or a one shotter shield.

My gt ChilledFish88 whats your so I can send the flood :slight_smile:

GT: BubbyRooster

I do have an annointed shock protuberance but the annoint is accuracy while sliding, interested?

Sounds good to me,I’ll send over the flood now :slight_smile:

Cool, I will send tuby tonight.

I’ve not received the protuburance yet?

I sent it about an hour ago?

Thanks bro :slight_smile: