LF flurrying solitary breaker with 50% melee damage

Hello everyone,

Anyone got flurrying solitary breaker with 50% melee damage as extra stat?


I can offer you everything you need, i have kept everything i found using a second account. I have a TON of annointed gear/weapons from farming.

Annointed shields and guns.
For example Hive Annointed or Crossroads annointed.
I ll make a list of what i got later.

Thank you


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I have a Knife Drain white Elephant with pretty decent bonuses
(weapon reload, fire dmg, and move speed)

Iā€™m mainly looking for anointed gear to beef up my Flak, any anointment that boosts damage would be cool. Got any anointed Leg. grenades? Or an anointed Cryo Redline shotgun? Or anointed Cryo/Fire/Rad Crossroads?

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I ll check my annointed gear.

Add me or i add you?

psn: de_regelaar

I got : Annointed cryo crossroad