LF Flying Sandhawk Lvl 72

Farming (Dashboarding) for several hours now and still no luck…

Anybody here willing to help me out eventually?

72 or op8?

Just Lvl 72, nothing fancy

what level is your character that you’re using for the sandhawk?

Lvl. 72 ZerO, seems I got horribly unlucky trying…

listen, how about me and you do digistruct peak and i can get you to op8 pretty quickly, i’ve been doing it for years.

then i can give you an op8 flying sand hawk

are there any other guns or items you need? just ask if so.

Well, that sounds great actually, :slight_smile:

just add me on xbox or send me a message or both

Done, thanks in advance

look at your messages by the way on this website