LF for Bloodletter class mod with +Grenade dmg and +Splash dmg . Can offer recurring Hex

I have to offer: Butchers, Lyudas, Crossroads, facepunchers, Brainstormers, flakkers, King call(shock), The Hive (Corrosive) and many other guns also have artifacts and other Moze’s class mod. Also have recurring hex(cryo) and mirv-tacular hex (rad)
Also have this melee shield

not sure how to put a price on such a thing to be honest. but i would go to the extent of paying cash. or is there a item you have in mind? i may already own it.

Are you talking about the shield ?

yes, im realizing now we may not be on the same platform tho

Ok i’m on pc

:frowning: that shield looks edited tbh. but if its real i want it.

It’s real. Would be way more op if it was edited.

well, unfortunately im on xbox, going to have to be keeping n eye out. did chupacabratch drop this by chance?

I have what you’re looking for…do you have fire flakker?

I do have a fire flakker my nick is MDNmtg

were you talking to me tho?

if you were, sorry i dont have the fire flakker, got a regular one but ive got many other good legendary s, my gamertag is RaXn im online now

I was talkin to MDN…i think we got it covered now…thanx

to the person who may find this shield, i will etransfer you 20 dollars CAD **must be on xbox