Lf for corrosive plaguebearer with 300 dmg over 90%

Looking for a plaguebearer with anoint of 300% damage over 90% health for a fl4k build

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I have one, you know about the nerf to that annoint right?

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Happy to trade? And yeah I know about the nerf :slightly_smiling_face:

I would send it to make room lol any chance you have a shock CH PB??

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What’s a CH buddy?

Consecutive Hits Plaguebearer

I haven’t mate sorry

Its all good lol I won’t be on until tonight, I will send it tonight. What’s your GT??

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My gamertag is Blackhawk2386

I have a Radiation CH PB, or at least I’m pretty sure. That work for you?

Damn if it wouldn’t! Lol you looking for anything??

Nope, I’m all good. I’ll get it over when I get home.

Yup, got one. Gamertag?

Pretty sure I found you

v Carpe Diem v

Yup, got you, will send at some point tonight.

Don’t want to get in the middle of anybody’s trade, but, Carpe, if you can’t find a shock CH Plague I have one. We have traded before. Just message me on Xbox if you need it.
GT = conch8

Okay, thanks a million!


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Recieved it thank you very much

Fell asleep with the controller in my hand, sending before I leave for work, my apologies.