LF for Items for My Moze Build

Hey. I am trying to make a Moze build for guardian breech. He is my second character and would like to try the breech with his as well. I have many items to trade back of all characters. Let me know.

Blastmaster with Splash and Weapon Damage

Shock Backburner with Consecutive Hits

Shock and Fire Plaguebeerer Consecutive Hits

Transformer After Existing Iron Bear 75 increased health/shield

Cloning Maddening Tracker

I know I have the transformer your after, i might have the blast master aswell

Alright let me know. I’ll send you over some more Amara stuff if you just tell me what you looking for

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Blast masters I have :

26% weapon damage, 35% shotgun damage and 21% shield recharge rate.

32% splash damage, 35% action skill cooldown and 35% smg damage,
probably my two best ones.

Anything elemental,powerful and good for amara I’d like, as I’m not too sure whats best for her,she’s my least played character

Ok yea I’ll take the top one with the splash and shotgun and shield recharge together.

I’ll send you an it’s piss grenade as it has fire ASE but also stacks on an enemy it’s thrown on. I also can send you a shock fire recursion.

The top one doesn’t have splash it has weapon damage, shotgun damage and shield recharge rate?

My bad yes the top one anyway.

No problem buddy, will send that and the transformer shortly

Sent dude enjoy

I sent you two better things. Stronger recursion and a must have artifact for siren

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I have some plaguebearers. ASE 100%, ASE next 2 mags, and 50/150. No Consecutive hits yet. Have a few with different elements.

Thanks I’m going to wait til update no point in collecting 57s when tomorrow we will max out at 60.