Lf for lvl57 Flak Rakk class mod & Ice breaker victory rush got great Pearl relics, brawler and old God shield with ASE 50% bonus for trade

Cooldown, weapon damage, critical damage and dalh, Hyperion, jakob critical damage, any of the above combination.

Got Pearl of knowledge lvl 57 mag size and fire rate or reload or Regen and a lot of anointed weapons for trade. Thanks.

Also Lf lvl57
Ice Breaker Victory Rush relics
Must have mag size and cooldown
Plus any of weapon or critical damage.

Oldriium non-elem, no scope, 21% crit, damage around 1700 with Rakk anointment, 100% dam or 50% crit.

Recurring Hex any element with Damage ASE.

PSN kenet888

My trade list

My wish list

Think we could do business :v::fire::100:

Also got some rakk paks

17% weap fire rate, 2719 hp, -21% shield delay

29% vladof reload, 17% maliwan fire rate, 22% cryo res

53% vladof acc, 2157 shield, atlas wep crit

Dastardly Bowie love drill, legendary version? What we want to trade for it?

Really LF a radiation god shield with ase 50% cryo or radiation, and has to have Absord too. But check out my wishlist, if you got something close , im not picky, juat optimizing for 2.0 atm, only missing a few drops

Got a God shield, rad, ASE fire, rech rate and max health. Also lob fire, 126% damage, 243 splash and GB 115. Let me know which one you want, if you can accept some variation.

Some variant of Tran fusion, cryo, homing, ASE 50 cryo.

If That shield got absorb on it :100: want it, otherwise ill tale the lob instead

No absorb

Love drill, legendary version?

Yesh, didnt even know it dropped non legendary tbh

K I will email to you Lob shortly.

Oh, ■■■■. I just realized this aaus psn… it showed up in my xbox for some reason

Still looking for the above gears. Thanks.

Xbox? Dude this is PSN trading. :joy:

Ikr, maybe i should lay off the devils lettuce lol, mb vh

Nvm. Nice to meet you. Cu.

Still waiting…