LF for OP8 rabid fire and corrosive hails for gaige

I have many OP8 items for trade as well. Like Norfleet’s and Interfacer’s for example.

PSN mjonny771

I have a fire Hail but not sure if it is with the Rabid refix. Any chance you have the Orc smg?

I might have both but not sure about the prefix. What op8 shields or grenades do you have? I’m particularly interested in the Evolution and Blockade shields.


Sorry I don’t the rabid prefix. I only have the swift versions and looking at the rabid version at a lower level, the fire rate is lower than the swift version which has an 11.0 FR in OP8 plus the rabid gets the accuracy penalty. Not that the penalty really matters with this gun the way it shoots.

Im looking for the rabid ones I will be online shortly.

PSN mrjonny771

Have all important shields and grenades except maybe a few.

Just add me I have both shields.

I don’t have rabid ones just the swift with 11.0 FR, 2.7 reload and 91.0 accuracy. Let me know if you still want them.

Forget the Evo, I’m looking primarily for the Blockade and Magic Missiles. I’m not able to login tonight but depending on where you’re located, I will be on tomorrow Sat around 12 noon PT.

I have both add me the hails are sufficient with good reload speeds. Im on now.