LF for specific gear

1.Looking for a Night hawking with sntl annointment as well as a Q system with Sntl annointment
2.Also looking for a Stop gap with SNTL movement speed annointment
3. Looking for a Reccuring or MIRV hex(CRYO) with a bonus dmg annointment
4. And a redistributor with snt annointment.

Would you happen to have a breath of the dying rakk attack anointed? I have redistributor, night hawkin and the System

Damn…This one hurts i just sold one that dropped for me 2 hours ago becuz i had no use for it :confused: im sorry man

I have #3 and #4. Do you have a fire rowans call with 100% damage on ase or a shock hex grenade with on grenade throw annoitment

It’s cool, I’ve been farming for it the past 2 days. Banshee has dropped one for every character except Fl4k and it looks like my farming will continue

All i have is a MIRV shock Hex with On action skill start regenerate a grenade lol. Tragic Tragicccc

What is your psn and are you online right now?


Im online right now

I have one if your still looking for one

much appreciated but I finally got it to drop