LF for the following. Have a lot to trade with

LF ION CANNON w/ Phasegrasp Anoit or other good amara or general anoits
Trevanator Cryo with phasegrasp anoit
Good Roll Ice Breaker Victory Rush
Last stand otto idol (gre dam, mag size, AOE)

Also looking for good gear (mostly weapons) for Amara

Here’s what I have.
Ask about COMs and Artifacts and I’ll let you know details

Hey there, highly Interested in your Rakk Attack Kyb’s Worth and Dictator. Also in both of your anointed Rad/Fire Lyudas
Here’s what I got:

Electric/Corro Cutsman with 100%ASE. Also got a Fire One Phasecast 250%
Annexed Fire Ion Cannon with 100% ASE
Brainstormer x7 with 100% ASE
Cryo Redistributor with 75% radiation dmg bonus on ASE

If you’re interested, PSN: EzioILMentore

Sounds great man,

Sent you what you were chasing

Neat, sendind you my stuff in 2 mins then !

I have the corrosion ase transformer. Would you trade the zane cryo Maggie for it?

Yeah can do
You don’t have an incendiary by chance?

I have a lot of that stuff! Add me, same name.

Added :slight_smile:

Just looking for ION Cannons now.

Have heaps to trade. Sheets wont be fully updated for about 12 hours

Unfortunately not, just found the corrosion transformer last night. I’ll add you tonight and get it sent over.


Fr sent

Chasing anything else while Im at it?

Coming your way. Just the same stuff that everyone seems to be looking for it seems. I think that Maggie is more than fair.

I dont need the shield will send the maggie though

Oh wow, thank you. Did you find one or no longer need it? I’d love to get you something in return.

Got one from a friend.
There’s no need to send anything. I’ve been on the receiving end before too. Just paying it forward

Will send it in 5 minutes

Thank you.

Should be in your mail

And how. Wow thanks again!

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