LF for torgue weapons

I’m looking for lvl 53 gunner annointed scourges, lumps, juliet’s dazzle, scoville and Protuberance and whatever else you guys have that I may be interested in (also legenderdary shields with the 75 health and shields after exiting Iron Bear)

I’ve been relentlessly farming the last couple days I have:

transformers w/ cyro ASE
flakker w/ 160% splash
Maggie w/ 100% dmg ase
Wedding invitation w/ 100% dmg ASE

And many many more

Any particular gunner anointment for the weapons you’re looking for?

I’ve got basically everything you are looking for… But only level 50.

160% splash dmg on weapons

Also been on the hunt for a alley op/recurring tracker grenade with ib cooldown on kill

I got most of what I was looking for except lumps and juliets dazzle which is all thats left pretty much

I dont think I have the 160 version of Juliet’s Dazzle but I have a 125 splash for sure. I’ll be able to hop on and check later tonight

Edit: forgot the name of the weapon in the post lol

That’d be great just lemme know what you want.

Gonna be farming today trying to get a 2x 160% one hopfully.

Yeah I’ll send you the Juliet’s I have in the mean time, and I’ll keep and eye out for it today when i farm!

Cant get much better than that haha. First drop too

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