LF Friend-bot class mod

LF legendary Fl4k class mod “friend-bot” with +54% weapon charge speed.

(Killing an enemy gives pet second wind/ +20% pet damage)

Been looking for this for quite a while on my own, hoping someone out there can help me out…


I promised one to someone here, if I have a 2nd and it’s the right roll I’ll send it to you. What’s GT if I do?

Hey, thanks!

My gt is Aether Seraph

Are you looking for anything yourself?

Yeah I’m looking for more inventory space so I can stop making alts, sending gear helps me do that :joy:

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I actually made a silver account so I could split screen my mules…

It’s frustrating to not be able to hold everything in a way that promotes build craft.

If you need one for a promised party I have a few.

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I’ve got 4 mules at the moment but the hour it takes them to sanctuary is an hour I could be farming on my Flak or getting my Zane to max level, I’m going to try not to make more and just keep eye out here for things people need to clear space

You don’t have to get your mules to sanctuary. You don’t even need to play them at all except for loading them into your main profile’s game.

This seems to be a common thing I run into that people don’t realize. I feel like I need to make a post about how to do mules quickly.


One just dropped for me and I remembered seeing this post, so It’s in your mailbox.

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Gizmo… You just made my day sir!!

Item received! Friend added.

Thank you very very much

If you do make that post can you link it from here?