LF friendly co-op group to play BL2- New Playthrough


I am looking for a group of friendly adults to play Borderlands 2 with on Xbox One. I have played the game many times on the previous generation of systems, but I’m looking to start fresh on the new consoles.

So, if you are someone who is looking to start a new play-through in BL2, friendly, and just looking to have a fun time, add me as a friend and let me know you are looking to play BL2.

GT: Dawnbreaker444
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Play Time: No set schedule, due to flexible work hours.

Class: Hoping to start as Assassin class and focus primarily on the Bloodshed skill tree.

****Also, I should mention I am not looking to engage in any exploits/cheats. Fair players only please.

Thanks, and I look forward to playing!

I will play my gt is Antares Draco

I will also play gt Space Monkey425