LF friends to game with

Put in hundreds of hours on 360 but haven’t had the friends to play with on PS4. I’m pretty chill and laid back, like to joke and have a good night.

I usually play after 9pm EST. I’ve been working through some of the dlc but could definitely use some help progressing new characters, farming and completing the entire game.

Got an OP4 Axton and a 63 Krieg. PSN is GriM-728

I do work quite a bit so I can’t stay on late.


I will be up for some fun… after I finish getting a ladyfist for my Sal… farming … I only do that solo if I am serious… I have a Sal op2 and zero op8 West coast on late working on Sal … if something worked out anyways hi and welcome to PS4 Borderlands 2 crazy town… you can post what your doing here too… [What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!] (What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!) peace :v::acmferro::boom: out