LF Friends to play BB with story and PVP

I just got the game last night and I haven’t really had alot of luck with matchmaking 9/10 im waiting around for ppl and no one comes so idk if its my region or not but im in NA so idk if anyone wants to play add me on steam kyleb_me

Would this be of interest?

ya id be interested in that how do i join?

Go to the site, http://www.marauderclan.com/. On the front page you can see the “Applications” forum. Go in there, open the “Application template” pinned topic and copy its contents. Then go back to the “Applications” forum and click on the “Create a new topic” on the right hand corner of the site. Name the title as "Application - (main game) - (your name). Then paste the questions onto the text field and try to answer them to the best of your ability. ANd make sure to set the prefix as “Pending”.

Here’s a picture to clarify: